Opinion: Moving Day Blues

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Moving is one the most stressful life events. Seems like it shouldn’t be. Such a simple concept - get a box, fill it with your life and seal it shut.

     This past Saturday, my husband and I, along with a wonderful team of friends, boxed and shipped our lives a mile away from the apartment we were renting to a bigger space, in which we will spend at least the next two years of our lives.

     There are boxes and broken down furniture everywhere. I am bruised from the legs up from walking into things, and I am tired.

     Not the exhausted tired, the joy-filled it’s almost done’ tired. But since we haven’t found my coffee maker yet, maybe I’m a little bit actual tired too.

     But we are happy, and the twin kittens are also happy.

     I look forward to making the new house, home, and shaking the moving day blues.