Pro Wrestling Week in Review: Battleground Results

Colden Fell

Sunday night, the WWE superstars went to battle. Battleground was full of action, and the WWE proved once again that when the stakes are set, anything can happen.

The pre-show featured two matches. Adam Rose and Fandango went at it--proving that when your career isn't the greatest, you can still be seen. Rose hit the Party Foul on the dancing machine to earn the victory.

Cameron took on her former partner Naomi and was successful in defeating her new foe.

The event officially started with The Usos quickly defeating The Wyatt Family to retain the WWE Tag-Team Championships. The Samoan brothers hit a double-splash on Luke Harper to get the win.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose didn't wait for the ring as the two went at it in the backstage area. Triple H then kicked Ambrose out of the building--canceling their match.

AJ Lee and Paige had a terrific match for the Divas Championship. Paige got out of AJ's signature submission hold, and AJ kicked out of Paige's big finisher.

AJ then hit her with a Shining Wizard to retain her title.

Rollins went to the ring demanding that he win his match by forfeit since Ambrose had been thrown out of the building. That's when the "Lunatic Fringe" appeared out of nowhere and took Rollins down.

Security broke up the two, but that didn't stop Ambrose. Later that night, he attacked Rollins in the parking lot, but Mr. Money in the Bank was able to escape in a car.

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger by count-out after he slammed the Real American's head into the ring post--which knocked him out cold.

Chris Jericho defeated Bray Wyatt with a Codebreaker.

The next bout was the 20-man battle royal for the Intercontinental Championship. This match was very exciting with high-flying action from Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz did the smart move of hiding on the outside of the ring. Ziggler and Sheamus were the final men in the ring until the "Show Off" tossed the "Great White" over the top rope.

However, the sly Miz sneaked back into the ring and while Ziggler had his back turned, he tossed him over the top rope. The Miz then walked out the new Intercontinental champion.

John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns went at it for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This match was back and forth action.

The team of Orton and Kane was broken as Orton shoved Kane--which unleashed the "Devil's Favorite Demon."

The conclusion of the match saw Reigns spear Kane, but he then took an RKO from Orton. Cena then hit Orton with the Attitude Adjustment--which sent him crashing onto Kane.

Cena pinned Kane to retain his championship.