Pro Wrestling Week in Review: Reigns Makes The Authority Sick

Colden Fell

With Money in the Bank just two weeks away, there were questions that desperately needed to be answered on Monday night.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon opened the show with another blockbuster announcement. They announced that there would be a battle royal to determine the next spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match for the vacant world title.

However, because of The Shield and John Cena's failure to adapt, they were removed from the battle royal.

Triple H told Cena that he didn't have to worry because he would get a spot in the ladder match if he beat Kane in a stretcher match. With this news, Raw was off to a good start.

Shield member Roman Reigns kept bugging Authority member Vickie Guerrero to place him in the battle royal; she continued to refuse his request. But Reigns found a way to get rid of Tripe H and Stephanie by putting something in Stephanie's coffee.

Whatever it was, it forced her to become ill and leave the arena for medical treatment. This wasn't until they announced that Vickie was in charge while Stephanie and Triple H were gone.

Reigns confronted Vickie again, and she finally inserted him into the match.

Money in the Bank ladder match opponents Sheamus and Bray Wyatt went at it later that night.

Before the match started, it was announced that Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Eric Rowan would finally get their shot at the tag-team titles at Money in the Bank. This presents the possibility that the Wyatt Family could leave Boston with all the gold.

Sheamus and Bray's match didn't last long because the other Wyatt members got involved. The current tag-team champion Usos joined the fray and helped the "Celtic Warrior" avoid the three-on-one assault.

Raw had a guest Monday night as comedian and star of the upcoming film "Think Like a Man Too" Kevin Hart joined the broadcast team to watch Fandango and Layla take on Adam Rose and Summer Rae in mixed-tag action.

Rose quickly finished off Fandango--leading to Hart and Rose making a trip to the "Exotic Express" party bus.

Layla stated in a backstage interview that she wants Summer Rae. We very well could get that match at Money in the Bank.

The Money in the Bank qualifying battle royal was quite exciting. Everyone wanted a shot at the title, and it was insane.

It ended with Reigns hitting Rusev with a Superman Punch over the top rope--earning him a spot in the championship ladder match.

I'm sure Triple H and Stephanie will have something in mind for next week to make sure Reigns doesn't make it to Money in the Bank.

John Cena and Kane had a terrific stretcher match to end the show. With both men doing all he could to take the other out, it made for some intense action.

Cena was able to use the steel steps on Kane to get him down and when it looked like Cena was going to win the match, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton crashed the party.

After an RKO on Cena, Shield member Dean Ambrose came in and evened the odds. He was able to take out Orton and Rollins but suffered a big choke-slam from Kane in the process.

Cena was then finally able to get back into it and place Kane on the stretcher. He then rolled him across the finish-line to advance to Money in the Bank.

With one episode of Raw remaining until the event, The Authority will try to do all that they can to ensure that Reigns and Ambrose adapt to the WWE. They'll certainly try to punish Cena as well for helping out The Shield last week.

It's clear that Orton and Rollins interfered Monday night so that Cena wouldn't be advancing to the championship ladder match in two weeks.

Triple H will need to come up with something quickly because it appears that there's no stopping John Cena and The Shield.