OUR OPINION: Drug de jour

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Illicit drugs and prescription drug abuse are the top two challenges facing the District Attorney of the 23rd Judicial District.

While speaking at a recent Rotary Club of Gonzales meeting DA Ricky Babin said that as much as 70 percent of the crime in his district is related to drugs.

Addicts looking for a fix turn to theft to finance their habit. Most domestic violence results from drug or alcohol abuse, according to the DA. And the escalating murder rate in cities like Baton Rouge primarily involves participants in the drug trade.

The “drug de jour” is methamphetamine, an insidious destroyer of life that results in addiction within the first or second use, Babin told Rotarians.

He related instances of seeing meth addicts appearing in court under the influence of the drug while seeking a favorable ruling from the court.

While there are no easy answers to solving drug problems in society, there are answers. Some have called for a revamping of the nation’s war on drugs. Others want to legalize drugs.

We think the real answer starts at home with parental guidance about the evils and pitfalls of illegal drug usage. Secondary instruction in schools should reinforce what is learned in the home.

At an early age, every child should know to avoid methamphetamine like the plaque. The current drug de jour is in reality a drug of death.