OUR OPINION: Deal Jindal in for presidential run

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

When a governor is asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” if he wants to be president and the governor declines to give a yes or no answer, it is time to deal the governor in for the presidential sweepstakes.

Louisiana’s own Gov. Bobby Jindal appeared on the show Sunday and said he planned to seek re-election as governor of Louisiana in 2011. But he would not say if he wanted to be president.

We think he is acting like he does want to be president.

If the Iowa Republican caucus were tomorrow we believe Jindal’s name would be on the ballot.

It is a credit to the governor’s character and governing skills that his stature has outgrown the job he now holds.

Because the governor has character, we think he will continue to govern Louisiana with a sure hand, until his presidential hand is forced.

We wish him well with his nationally televised minority party response to President Barrack Obama’s address to Congress on Mardi Gras night.

But we expect him to be back in Louisiana with a full head of steam for the upcoming legislative session.

He may not realize it yet, but the governor has another hot potato on his hands since he became the first governor to turn down part of his state’s share of the stimulus package.

Many Louisianans do not appreciate the governor acting like a presidential candidate with state money by catering to the conservatives in his party who say bunk to the stimulus money.

We wish Gov. Jindal well in the address Tuesday. Just come back to the Capital ready to work.