OUR OPINION: Here’s mud in your eye

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

While we have been in the fall season for a few weeks now (you’d never know it by recent temperatures), it’s about time for another season to close.

We’re talking about the political season. Months of campaigning by numerous candidates and officials for issues will come to a head Tuesday, when voters in Ascension Parish, Louisiana and throughout the country make their voices heard on numerous races and issues.

For some, the end can’t come soon enough.

After Nov. 4, gone will be the inundation of political advertisements in the media, including attack ads looking to find any and everything about a candidate to exploit. You won’t have to hear successive political commercials on television or radio commercial breaks for at least a few months.

While some continue to wish for the day where negative campaigns are a thing of the past, that day does not appear to be coming any time soon. Many races have seen candidates or political action groups make personal attacks against candidates through paid political advertisements.

Candidates do have the right to point out things about their opponents they believe make that person the wrong choice. However, sometimes these attempts can go too far and hurt more than the target or can even backfire against the person who placed the ad.

We, as all of you, cannot stand to see someone’s name dragged through the proverbial mud, especially when the one being dragged does not deserve it. Politics, especially here in Louisiana, can unfortunately be very dirty.

Will the day ever come where political candidates promote themselves solely on their merits and accomplishments and won’t have to find dirt on their opponents in order to gain an advantage?

Perhaps, but it’s highly unlikely.