OUR OPINION: One way or another

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

In 18 days, it will all be over.

That statement could mean a lot, depending on your political stance or just your temperament.

Our country will hit the polls Tuesday, Nov. 4 to decide who will be its next leader. Will it be Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, or U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, a Democrat from Illinois?

If you have already chosen your candidate, which many out there have, then the statement could mean that it will be over and, with all hope, your candidate will be declared the victor. Then, they could begin to formulate their entrance strategy come January when they succeed the outgoing President George W. Bush.

However, if you haven’t chosen a side, the statement could mean that your indecisiveness would be over. If you plan on voting, which we hope you do, you’ll be faced with the ballot before you and you’ll have to push a button for someone. We just hope that you do the proper research beforehand so that you make what you feel is the most informed decision, whether it be McCain or Obama.

Or you could be like many and just wish that both sides would stop the backbiting and name-calling and get it over with. There is a large percentage of people out there tired of being inundated with political ads for either side everywhere they turn. They feel like the campaigning has been going on forever (well, at least since Bush began his second term in 2005) and they’re just sick of it all. Some of these people may not like either candidate, but must choose what is to them the lesser of two evils.

In whichever category you may fall, just rest assured that it will all be over Nov. 4... unless there’s a recount.