Fantasy warfare

Kyle Riviere
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Last Saturday night, UFC’s most charismatic star and biggest current draw, Conor McGregor dominated in a second-round knockout victory of Eddie Alvarez.

Predictably, the second the fight was over, fans and prognosticators began to breathe new life into something that had been repeatedly discussed in the past: a McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight.

Those discussions were only heightened days later when McGregor made an official challenge to Mayweather.

McGregor said, “Give Floyd a shout; tell him I’m coming. Tell him to run around Showtime offices. I want $100 million to fight him under boxing rules because he’s afraid of a real fight.”

Those statements alone have put many fans into a tizzy, anticipating another super-fight they can sink their teeth into, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Folks, pump the brakes. It’s not going to happen.

McGregor is the kind of guy that craves the spotlight. He likes to talk. He likes the reactions he gets when he says something off the wall.

He operates under the old saying that “all publicity is good publicity.” He doesn’t care what you’re saying about him; he’s just glad that it’s his name coming out of your mouth.

That’s all this is about. He knows he’ll never fight Mayweather. Mayweather knows he’ll never fight McGregor. But it’s a great show, isn’t it? It creates a heated topic of discussion for fans, doesn’t it?

This fight will never happen, but it isn’t because of a $100 million McGregor demand.

That nine-figure amount is nothing. Mayweather made $300 million for his fight against Manny Pacquiao.

The amount of interest this fight would generate, it would be easy for McGregor to get the king’s ransom he’s seeking.

The reason it won’t happen is simple. In fact, it’s the whole reason people are interested to begin with: they are champions from two different sports.

There is no common ground here. There is no compromise.

It will either be Mayweather getting inside a cage and fighting McGregor under MMA rules, or McGregor will be getting into a boxing ring.

Mayweather will be 40 years old in February. He’s retired, and as of now, it sounds like he has no interest in returning to the ring.

Why should he? He’s undefeated and close to owning the title of billionaire. He has nothing to gain by fighting again.

He certainly won’t be coming out of retirement to fight in an MMA match. He wouldn’t agree to do that back when he was young and spry.

He and everyone else knows that if he stepped into that cage and fought under McGregor’s rules, he would get obliterated. Once McGregor caught him, Mayweather would be taken down. Seconds later, the fight would be over.

Not even another $300 million payday could convince him to go that route.

So, the only other option is McGregor fighting him in a boxing match. Once again, that won’t be happening.

As long as McGregor is under contract with the UFC, there is no way on God’s green Earth they will let him fight in a boxing match.

Even when McGregor’s contract expires, he’s not fighting Mayweather in a boxing match. Everything that is coming out of his mouth is merely hot air because he knows the fight doesn’t have a prayer of happening.

At the end of the day, he knows—as anyone with a knowledge of boxing knows—that he has no shot.

Mayweather is the greatest fighter of his era. His boxing skills are second to none. He is the greatest defensive fighter of all-time.

He embarrassed Pacquiao. Canelo Alvarez—who is currently the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world—was beaten soundly by Mayweather. It was the only loss of his career.

McGregor, on the other hand, is not a skilled boxer. He has just a rudimentary skill-set when it comes to that area.

Would Mayweather knock him out? Probably not. Mayweather has never been a power guy.

But he would absolutely decimate McGregor. McGregor would be hitting air all night, as Mayweather constantly peppered him with counter-punches from start to finish.

So, I hate to burst your bubble, sports fans, but this fight will not happen.

And if it does happen in a boxing ring, please do not spend your hard-earned money on it. You’ll be thoroughly disappointed and on the verge of falling asleep by the fourth round.