Destination Hollywood

Kyle Riviere
Weekly Citizen Sports Editor Kyle Riviere.

Apparently, everyone wants to be in Hollywood these days.

We've heard grumbles throughout the NFL for years about the possibility of a team or teams moving back to Los Angeles. Just recently, it finally became a reality.

The league owners approved the Rams' move to L.A. by a 30-2 vote. As a result, the organization is on its way to the place where it all began. To them, L.A. is home. They were just on a 21-year vacation.

Now, other franchises are chomping at the bit to join them. The Chargers desperately want the move, and the Raiders are looking for a change as well.

The Chargers have until March 23 of this year to decide if they want to make the move. If they decide to stay in San Diego for the upcoming season,they'll have until January of 2017 to try to work out a partnership with the Rams in Inglewood. As of now, it appears the Chargers' move to L.A. is inevitable.

There have even been reports that if the Chargers do bolt for L.A. that the Raiders will then take their place in San Diego.

It's really sad to see all of these teams wanting to abandon their fan bases and jump ship. They all want to up and leave with their Mayflower moving trucks just so they can get a fancy new stadium.

And why? Just so they can keep up with Joneses--Jerry Jones that is, he and the other NFL owners that threw down the bundles of money to build new venues. They all want the new stadiums so that they can host a Super Bowl, or a Final Four, or a college football national title game.

All of those things bring in a lot of cash. So, if they have to kick their fans to the curb to grab that extra money, they'll do it.

Having the Rams move to L.A. was a no-brainer.

With the franchise's woes on the field, there have been years of declining fan interest in St. Louis. It led to a real financial disaster.

If they were to relocate, L.A. is the best place to do it. It's home. It's where the Rams spent the fist 49 years of their existence.

Heck, I can remember watching the Rams playing in the L.A. Coliseum back when I was a kid. It always seemed funny watching them run around in that dome out in St. Louis.

Deacon Jones, Jack Youngblood, Eric Dickerson, Jerome Bettis--they were all L.A. Rams.

The Chargers, the Raiders, they both need to stay in their respective cities.

The Bolts have been a staple of San Diego for 57 years. The fans have embraced them, and even though they've seen some struggles over the years, you'll see the stadium packed more times than not.

Why wouldn't the fans love them? It's one of only two professional sports franchises in the city.

If they up and move to L.A., they're leaving such a great legacy behind in San Diego. From "Bambi," to Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow and "Air Coryell," to Junior Seau, it all becomes a distant memory.

Once again, this is a move rooted in greed. The organization wants a new stadium, but the city doesn't want to buck up the mounds of dough it will cost to build one. So, they want to head to a city that will oblige.

It's the same thing with the Raiders. They're fed up with playing in the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum, so they want to jet to L.A. for some new digs.

Like San Diego, I think they need to stay put. Oakland is the Raiders' home. They moved to L.A. for 13 years, and it just didn't work.

In 1995, they moved back to Oakland. They have been there ever since. In all, they have been stationed in the city for 41 years.

In that time, we've seen two Super Bowl titles, "Ghost to the Post," "The Heidi Game," "The Holy Roller" and the "Sea of Hands." We've seen John Madden lead Snake Stabler, Fred Biletnikoff and Jack Tatum as they donned the silver and black.

All of that is unique to Oakland--not L.A or San Diego.

L.A. is not the greatest of sports towns. When teams are good, they'll fill the stands. When they're not, they'll be elsewhere.

I don't think they can support more than one NFL team. They tried it once before with both the Rams and the Raiders. Each team ended up leaving town.

If the Chargers also make the move, I don't see it ending well.