Send the right message


If you take a moment and define the term “subliminal” you see there are multiple definitions that says it’s a low level of sensation but still enough to penetrate. I like the second definition Merriam-Webster offers, “existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness.”

Yea, yea I know you all are thinking why am I talking about what subliminal is. Well, it’s because I want you be aware of the messages you send, subliminally.

We are in a technology-based world today where reading people has become more difficult because of the less personal interaction we have with one another. Via social media and other outlets, we communicate using emojis – which are a small digital images or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication. Those emojis can send subliminal messages that you typically wouldn’t send during face-to-face interaction.

The messages our body language sends, the messages we send vocally are much different than those we send via technology and are often received different as well. Sometimes we give people the oppression to back off, or maybe even to come on too strong. So it’s best to know what you’re sending and whom you’re sending it to.

There are many messages sent out in television, radio and books that we don’t realize but they are intentionally used to stimulate our psyches. In many Disney Movies it is often thought there are messages that are sent out that make our children think and behave a certain way.

But even as adults, we plant seeds in our children’s heads when they are young that they carry with them for life. For me, it’s playing card games. My parents never played card games in our home and often said there is nothing wrong with playing the games; we just don’t play them. So I grew up, not condemning card games, but never participating in them either.

That was a message where my parents, I think, wanted us to stay away from gambling or preventing us from taking a likening to gambling by just using the right words to not make us interested in it. In knowing most kids do the opposite of what parents say they never forbid us from playing but also never exposed us to the game as well. That’s subliminal. I got that.

When we send subliminal messages and now that we know clearly what it is, let’s try and use it to influence a positive behavior and spark a positive response out of our community. I’m here to educate, empower and encourage the greatness in us all. It’s not my job title here on Earth that calls me to do that, it’s the calling I have from up above that calls me to do it. There’s nothing subliminal about that.