Spider-Man Returns Home

Colden Fell

For the first time ever, Marvel’s web slinging hero will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel and Sony Pictures Entertainment have joined forces to bring Spider-Man into the MCU storylines with Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal as producers.

Marvel fans couldn’t be happier about this news. Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with “Iron Man” back in 2008, we all wanted to see Spider-Man team up with guys like Hulk and Captain America, and now the wait is over. The web shooter will first appear in a Marvel film from the MCU, maybe “Captain America: Civil War.” After that Spider-Man will appear in Sony’s next installment of their film series set for July 28, 2017. By the looks of it Sony and Marvel will be sharing Spidey for the time being. The question now is will Andrew Garfield reprise the role of Spider-Man/Peter Parker or will there be another actor to fill in the tights? We’ll only have to wait and see.  

My final thoughts are that I’m glad this happened. We finally get to see Spidey team with The Avengers. I just hope Sony and Marvel can continue to settle the contracts where not only everyone gets fair share on making the movies, but they will be able to make a great product. Marvel hasn’t let us down yet and I know by the looks of it their only going to get stronger.