2015: The year of giving


I’ve always taken pride in making a New Year’s Resolution, and each year I always keep it simple and say I just want to be “better.” I’ve come to the realization that saying I want to be better for a New Year’s Resolution is really cheating, because even if I don’t make it my resolution I’m still striving for excellence in all I do. In 2014, I believe I did get better; at a lot of things too. And because of it, I’m able to understand that I need to do better and be more specific with my 2015 resolution, which is to give.

2015 will be my year of giving, and when that resolution came to me I thought yes I’m going to do this and give this and be a part of this. However, as of late my resolution has been molded into something more powerful and something that can put me in position to reap blessings more abundantly. I will be more active in God’s word and ministry, as well as my service with the Rotary International Club of Donaldsonville.

I don’t come from a rich background, nor have I become wealthy financially. But I am blessed and highly favored to see another year, be able to walk and talk about it, and share the goodness God has given me. I may not be able to give all the money in the world where it is needed, but there is something better that I can offer and will make a difference.

It’s not always about having the deepest pockets, or having the wealthiest group of friends around you, it’s all about love. This year will be the year of the best of me, because it will be of love. In sharing my love I hope to rub one of you and make it contagious that you open your heart to be compassionate towards humankind.

We all ask for a better place and we look in other places and at other people to get the train started, but it all starts with ourselves and if for one whole year I’m the only one walking and talking in love then so be it. But eventually, a change will come. So here’s to my year of giving. Let’s go 2015!