Why SchmoesKnow is worth your time

Colden Fell @ColdenFell

     Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back In the Cinema I am your movie dude Colden Fell and today I’m not going to talk about a movie, but a movie website that I feel you all should check out. Just a reminder they do not know I’m doing this, this is on my own terms and all I want to do is shed some light on this amazing website known as is a movie website were many different types of movie lovers come together to share their love of film with the public. Not only do they have their own website but they are on YouTube as well. They have a main channel entitled “SchmoesKnow”, a podcast channel called “SKPodcast” as well as “SchmoePlus” which has a ton of behind the scenes footage of their shows. The runners of are Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis. They are typical movie fans who just love to share their love of film with the world. They talk as if we the audience are their friends and they are extremely active with their fan base. Not only having their main podcast show “The SchomesKnow Movie Show” air live not only on their website but on their SKPodcast YouTube page every Thursday night starting at 9PM E/8P. The Schmoes not only have their main show every Thursday, they also have other podcast that go on during the week.

     The SchmoesKnow crew recently joined the Popcorn Talk Network that shows all the shows live on YouTube as they happen each week. The first being “Box Office Breakdown” hosted by Bob Finstock, Sarah Stretton and the SchmoesKnow engineer, JTE, short for Josh the Engineer. Box Office Breakdown not only lists what toped the box office that week in America, but also around the world. It’s a very entraining show if you want to know which film made the most money that weekend. Next is Jedi Alliance.

     That’s right people; the Schmoes know how to please people. With Maude Garrett and Ken Napzok hosting, Jedi Alliance is a show dedicated to the popular science fiction franchise “Star Wars.” Not only does Jedi Alliance go over the latest news on not just the movies, but on the latest books and video games that’ll be released. Maude and Ken also have trivia battles, as well as discussions on favorite characters, force powers and quotes from the films. If you enjoy “Star Wars” this is a podcast you definitely want to check out.

     When it comes to a movie that people say is really bad but entertaining to watch, we movie fans call this a Guilty Pleasure. The Schmoes have constructed a podcast talking about the cheesiest films with Josh Macuga and stand-up comedian Steve Samone host. They go in depth with this podcast talking about every scene of the movie and exploring all the great moments that are just terrible in a film experts eyes, but completely awesome to the eyes of just the average movie fan. I’m still waiting on them to review my guilty pleasure titled “Undercover Brother” because I hope they see the genius that is that film.

     The Schmoes Kristian and Mark have gotten a lot of press since starting their YouTube channel in the late 2000s. Not only are they certified by, they also have a podcast named “Profiles” were Access Hollywood stars Alicia Malone and film critic Scott Mantz host. What Mantz and Malone do on Profiles is they talk about the people in Hollywood. Whether it’s a certain actor/actress or director, they talk about how great they are in the movie business. With segments titled “Fast Five” were they each give their five favorite film by the person their profiling, to “First Blood,” were they discuss their first experience with that filmmaker or actor. They have really made it big for SchmoesKnow in getting call-ins from Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) and many more Hollywood legends. I feel that Profiles is my favorite show of the Schmoes because not only do Malone and Mantz get to interview great legends, but they are absolutely fantastic together. I really get excited when a new episode of Profiles appears on the Popcorn Talk Network because I know I’m getting something special. Profiles is a show for the fans of movies and if you’d like to know more about your favorite film stars, Profiles is the show to watch.

    Don’t worry people. The Schmoes may have great shows and they geek out over “Star Wars” but the Schmoes have something for the comic book fans as well. The Schmoes have you covered with two different podcasts regarding superhero films. One is on Marvel and the other is on DC. “Marvel Movie News” has Matt Cook, Meredith Placko and Matt Key hosting. “Marvel Movie News” goes in depth on their thoughts on the latest news in the Marvel Universe. Covering news from Marvel, Fox, Sony and Universal, this show is full of entertainment that will have any Marvel fan pleased. The same goes for the DC side of things.

     “ DC Movie News” has Adam Gertler, Jonny Loquasto and the beautiful Roxy Striar as the hosts. Just like the Marvel show, Striar, Gertler and Loquasto go in depth on the latest news regarding DC. They have an amazing show discussing the latest on “Batman V Superman,” “Suicide Squad” and the other upcoming DC films in their slate. If you are a fan of DC this show will have you grinning like The Joker. Both shows are superb and will please any comic book fan.

     When it comes to the main show, “SchmoesKnow Movie Show,” Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis go all out. With Ken Napzok introducing the latest news, Kristian and Mark talk about the news in the first 30 minutes of the podcast. Then they’ll usually have a special host like an actor from an upcoming film or whoever for the next hour. And in the final 30 minutes they’ll have a game. Some of their most popular is Tweet a Celebrity, were the fans swarm a random Hollywood face by tweet to appear on the show. They also have possibly my favorite game, the Ultimate SchmoeDown, were the crew has an ongoing movie trivia tournament that goes on for several weeks. Also on the SchmoesKnow Movie Show are Josh Macuga, Roxy Striar, Alicia Malone, Maude Garrett, and Tiffany Smith. If you enjoy all the podcasts, you’ll want to definitely watch this one every Thursday.

     After the main show ends on Thursday, there’s another show to wrap up the week in Schmoeville. That show being “Meet the Movie Press.” Hosted by the editor and chief of and current Ultimate SchmoeDown champion, Mark E. Reilly and Jeff Sneider from, “Meet the Movie Press” discusses all the latest news in Hollywood from the big Sony hack regarding “The Interview” and any other big secrets Hollywood has to offer. If you’re one of those people who like to know everything about everyone in Hollywood, “Meet the Movie Press” is your show.

     So after talking about all the great content regarding SchmoesKnow, are you convinced? The last thing I’ll say about the SchmoesKnow crew is that they are people who are honest with their fans. They aren’t typical Hollywood skanks who only care about money and fame. They’re just regular people who enjoy watching movies and sharing their opinions on film. And that’s why I keep being drawn to them. They are very down to earth people who make you feel like family. They care for their audience and they’re the same on and off camera. If you’re looking for a show where people just like you enjoy talking about film and you want a group of people who share the same passion for movies as you, then check them out. You won’t be disappointed. I look up to all these guys. The people of SchmoesKnow prove that just because you aren’t that big, you have the opportunity to make it big. If you want to do something in life then do it. The Schmoes have taught me that even though you aren’t that well known now, if you keep doing what you love and never give up, you will be successful.