It’s Christmas, our season


For years and years I’ve always heard Jesus is the Reason for the Season. And it’s true. But Sunday, I heard something very interesting that is also true. We’re the reason for the season. Why? Because Jesus Christ came here for you and I. He was born for you and I. He suffered for you and I. He was hung for you and I. And ultimately, he died for you and I. So yes, we are the reason for the season.

Too many of us, don’t understand the real reason for the season.

With the craziness of getting everything ready for Christmas day, with the Christmas tree and all the material things we love to have we forget and overlook why it’s all possible in the first place. Even I've fallen prey to the stress of it all this year. I, like so many of you, have not been sitting back to enjoy the spirit of Christmas season and togetherness as much as I should be.

The Christmas season, no doubt, is about the birth of the Jesus Christ, but we can’t leave it at that. We have to understand the baby was born with a purpose. It was born with a calling. That purpose was to come and be a Savior for you and I. We cannot forget that.

Through all the of the hustle and bustle and the last-minute gift buying and getting out your cards and making it to all those parties, let’s keep this in mind – Christmas is about Jesus coming here to save you and I.

Let's take the time to stop and enjoy the season and keep in perspective what it’s really all about for us, for our kids, and for our families.

Spend quality time with your loved ones on this day, and be merry and celebrate. This day should be about bring more Christ in our lives. He shed blood for us – a generation that has gotten so diverse and so problematic at times. He allowed us to have this time through His grace and mercy. Let’s not forget this is Jesus’ season, but for us.