Christmas without Jesus Christ is not really Christmas

Minister Marienetta Williams

The joyful bliss of setting aside a day to celebrate the birth of JESUS the CHRIST is having a positive impact in the lives of millions. We would not have known what the abundant life is all about if it had not been for God’s Grace and Mercy.

The profound love of God is the source of our divine connection stemming from His heart as expressed in His WORD. “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” (1st John 4:7)

“CHRISTMAS WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST IS NOT REALLY CHRISTMAS,” because Jesus’s natural birth to the Virgin Mary was the encounter God used to reveal His omnipotence to man. He used a woman engaged to Joseph but at no time in her life experienced intimacy with a natural man. Mary supernaturally became overshadowed by the HOLY SPIRIT to become impregnated with a Baby Boy, who would become the SAVIOR of the WORLD. If JESUS is not included in the equation then the reason for such a phenomenal manifestation would have been in vain.

“CHRISTMAS WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST IS NOT REALLY CHRISTMAS,” at all. For clarity purposes it’s like existing on earth without breathe.  Whether saint or sinner each individual needs oxygen to survive.  A few minutes without will prove fatal. 

There is a divine revelation only those with salvation can comprehend. The SAVIOR WHO gave His life should be honored and praised for allowing Himself to be subjected to such a severe test to prove His LOVE for all of humanity. 

As you concentrate on the real meaning of Christmas and the great sacrifice imposed on JESUS for every soul who desire eternal life, why would anyone leave Him out of what He proved to be VICTORIOUS?

Don’t forget to show LOVE as you enjoy one of the most celebrated days of the year.   Give to families in need, embrace the hearts of those who may not have anyone who cares.  Feed, clothe, comfort, and give of yourself in ways that is well pleasing unto our Heavenly Father for giving you so lovingly and unselfishly the Life of Jesus, His ONLY Begotten Son.

May the peace of His presence captivate your hearts as He grants to you and your family an overflow of blessings.  Souls are waiting for you to offer your JESUS to them as the power of God is being revealed.