Taken for granted


We are all familiar with the saying, “nice guys finish last.” For me, it’s something I remember daily and am often reminded as obstacles come my way. However I believe whole-heartedly that I am a nice guy and I do not have to finish last.

Whether in the work place, at home or out and about a guy like me gets overlooked and often taken advantage of. Why? Because people see me as a guy they can pile things on and get the most out of with out a consequence. Often times they are right, and do get away with it but it’s not because I’m afraid or too fragile to speak out but because I know where my reward lies – in heaven.

You see, I’m not one of those media hogs or spotlight savvy people who have to have all the attention and praise. I like to lay low and sometimes I’m so low that others step on me. But if you’re like me it’s okay, because our humility and respect is being high-beamed on the one real stage that matters, God’s.

I’ll admit that I don’t like being taken for granted, and it’s nothing I ever plan or allow to happen. If I could have my way a lot of times I would, but I choose to let it float as the parade I’m looking to join is one of honor and dignity, not of greed and gluttony.

It’s not just the small guy in the room, or the large guy in the room that gets picked out to be picked on either. As a child I thought that. But I’ve learned over the years that it’s usually the person who wants the best for all people, it’s usually the selfless person who gets beheaded at the expense of another’s gain.

Being interested in the success of our country is often looked at as a flaw. People consider that weakness in such a competitive world. I disagree because I feel I’m the ultimate competitor and yet I want us all to succeed. When competing you have to know what team you’re on, and know how the team affects the future. For those of us who do understand, we are taken for granted.

Just look at guys like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, Jr. – both considered great people today. In their primes they fought for all people, but do you remember how they were received? Horribly. They were jailed, beaten and in King’s case killed for wanting the best for all people. That’s what I call being taken for granted.

Yet, despite being pushed around for competing for the right team and right cause, they are honored today as they rest in heaven. And that’s where I want to be, that’s the legacy I want to leave behind, even if I’m taken for granted today.