Penguins of Madagascar Review

Colden Fell @ColdenFell

Are the “Penguins of Madagascar” good enough for their own movie? My answer is yes. “Penguins of Madagascar” is a very good animated comedy about the penguins of the “Madagascar” series from Dreamworks. The plot circles around of the penguins’ former zoo mates threatening to turn all the penguins of the world into terrifying monsters. It’s up to Rico, Skipper, Kowalski and Private to stop him along with another secret agent group entitled The North Wind.

     The film is full of very funny dialogue and situations that I really enjoyed. The animators have done a great job in creating great characters that we care about for 10 years. The Penguins are great as always and the adventure they go on I enjoyed experiencing. I think every family will enjoy this movie. This isn’t just a movie for kids, adults, like myself, can enjoy this film.

     It’s full of amazing animation, great voice acting and a really clever story that had me involved the entire way through. I’ll give “Penguins of Madagascar” a B+. It’s a really good animated film that everyone should check out.

PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR Rated: PG. Director(s): Eric Darnell, Simon J. Smith. Stars: Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights. Genre: Animation/ Adventure/ Comedy. Year: 2014. Grade: B+