Setting differences aside


It’s a sad day when a man’s character is judged by his opinion being different from others. It’s an even sadder day when those others alienate or try to destroy a man for having his own beliefs.

America was a country founded on one simple concept: freedom. And now, although it cannot be undone, those around try and force their wills on us – taking our freedoms: freedom to think, freedom to believe, freedom to speak, freedom to write, each freedom that we enjoy and make up this great country is often compromised by our own kind; much more than those from other lands.

The liberty becomes compromised when we reach a higher level in the community, when we’ve reached some success those ahead or before expect we fall in suit with their believes rather than continuing pursuing the ones that got us to this point. It gets scary when those before us – in the success realm – try and force our hand to do as they wish when we know it’s only to control and is very likely to be done out of fear of losing control.

During the Revolutionary War, we fought the British for our freedom not for a King and that’s why we were able to win. Today is no different, as long as we continue to believe in what we believe, even if it’s against those in power and against those who have the most land or power, we’ll win.

Those who fight to control land, money and power will fail, as did the British.

Setting differences aside to understand what a person believes in is okay. We are all different people and the diversity enables us to see the other side of the picture and sometimes that other side can be better. It’s like when we were in grade school and the teacher would put us into groups for a project. Almost always we were in a group with classmates we rarely talk to – never our friends. However, the teacher arranged it that way to get the best output from each of us so together we’d have a great product. In the business world and in the political arena is no different.

If the day comes when leaders are able to see and understand differences of opinion can develop greatness, the world will become a better place starting at the top and trickling down to the low. So leaders, let’s set our differences aside and put them together and chip away at the beginning of prosperity.