Having a mind of Christ

Minister Marienetta Williams

What does it really means to have a mind of Christ?  Philippians 2:6 declares Christians should, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”  The mindset of Jesus can only be possessed through constant reading of the Word of God, prayer and faith to do what is written.  Believing and receiving the Scriptures as the infallible proof needed to truly live in this world without living of this world will give you strong roots to ground and anchor your soul. 

Jesus lived in a sinful world as Son of Man without ever becoming sinful.  His purity of heart and commitment to God was enough to stay focused, faithful, and full of the Holy Ghost power. 

“HAVING A MIND OF CHRIST,” means going through the developmental process one step at a time one day at a time.  Jesus never intended salvation, regeneration, justification, sanctification, gift of the Holy Spirit nor anything else he offers the Christians to receive from Him to be complicated.  What He does say is, COME.  To exemplify a mind of Christ means SURRENDER.

Let’s go back to the basic fundamentals of the BIBLE.  When we look at the world we have come so accustomed to living in each day, if we are not careful, many will be tricked into believing this is all life offers.  This is what the enemy wants you to believe, but remember he is a liar and trickster.  Please don’t fall for his gimmicks.  You really don’t have to stay in the state you are in.  There is more to life than your present situation but JESUS CHRIST is your only source of escape.

“HAVING A MIND OF CHRIST,” can only be developed with a hunger and thirst for righteousness.  The more you engage in exercising your mind with the WORD of God a greater urgency and intensity begin to build in your spirit to please God, which puts your own will and emotions in subjection to the Holy Spirit leading and power to do what is right.

WOW, isn’t that awesome!  “HAVING A MIND OF CHRIST,” always allows the freedom JESUS CHRIST died for to come to the forefront of your mind, releasing you to explore your PURPOSE without compromising your integrity.  Your destiny is connected to the CROSS.  Intimacy with JESUS will capture your soul from HELL and lead you to a place called HEAVEN without leaving earth.  We are living under an open heaven designed solely for the saints of God to tap in to the power source through prayer and supplication.  As we allow our requests to be made known to our FATHER, HE welcomes our petition with great joy because HE is merciful and full of GREAT GRACE.  SELAH