WWE Raw 7/7/14 results

Colden Fell

With two weeks until Battleground, Raw kicked off in a big way. WWE World title opponents Roman Reigns and Kane mixed words to open the show. But it appeared the two were tired of talking and took action. As they brawled around ringside, Kane slammed Reigns’ skull into the steel ring post only to be pulled back by officials. Kane choke-slammed one referee while Reigns speared another. Kane finally headed back stage leaving Reigns being held back by Senior officials.

     Luke Harper and Eric Rowan once again clashed with The Usos. With this rivalry lasting for several months I keep wondering what’ll come of the two teams. The Wyatts were successful, which could lead to another Tag Team title match. Maybe they can get the job done at Battleground, but we’ll see.

     The rivalry between Stephanie McMahon and Nikie Bella is getting intense. I can see that Stephanie’s just punishing Nikie because Brie’s no longer present. Nikie was put in a match with Alicia Fox where one of their arms had to be tied behind their backs. Once Nikie was one armed, Alicia assaulted her. I know Brie Bella won’t stand for this much longer and could very well lead to a match between her and Stephanie at Summerslam.

     Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose had a terrific match. Orton targeted the injured shoulder of Ambrose for most of the match but that didn’t keep him down. Orton hit a DDT on Ambrose onto the floor which lead to Ambrose almost being counted out. Orton then leveled Ambrose with an RKO, which resulted in The Viper getting the win.

     The Miz and Chris Jericho went at it after their clash last week. Y2J was successful but Bray Wyatt had some words to say to the King of Rock and Rolla. Wyatt asked how can Y2J save himself when all the Jerichoholics are in the palm of Wyatt’s hands? Jericho fired back in saying that he’ll punish Wyatt but Harper and Rowan showed up to back up their leader.

     Paige and, new Divas Champion, AJ Lee teamed up against the Funkadactyles in tag action. Paige and AJ worked well as a team while Cameron was ignoring the entire match. Cameron then tagged herself in but only to be struck by the Paige Turner to lose. This proved that AJ and Paige can put their differences aside when it matters. I’m sure Paige will get a rematch for the Divas title and when it happens, it should be great.

     However, The Funkadactyles are deteriorating. Cameron tackled Naomi and the two battled until a referee broke them up. It seems this rivalry is getting more than personal as the two prepare for Battleground.

     Before John Cena and Seth Rollins had their match, Cena stated that Rollins was good. Seth is MITB now, which means his match with the champion will be the toughest match in Seth’s career.

     The match was main event quality for sure until Kane interrupted. Randy Orton soon joined him as they attacked Cena. Roman Reigns then came out to help Cena only to be leveled with the MITB briefcase. When it looked like Seth was going to cash in, Ambrose interrupted again and fought Rollins out of the arena. Orton then suffered an Attitude Adjustment by Cena as Kane took a spear by Reigns.

     Reigns and Cena stood tall, and it’s clear they were allies as Battleground draws near.