Movie Review: King Kong

Colden Fell

     If there were any movie that captures true film making at its core it would have to be this film, “King Kong”- one of my favorite movies ever to be exact. I’m talking about the 1933 classic, “King Kong.” It takes place during 1930s Great Depression where a filmmaker Carl Denim played by Robert Armstrong. The only problem is he doesn’t have a leading lady. But it doesn’t take him long to find Ann Darrow, a young actress whose just trying to get by. With Ann agreeing to be apart of Carl’s picture, they board a ship to a mysterious island filled with crazed locals, dinosaurs and of course “King Kong.”

     This film is one of the greatest monster pictures ever created. The effects for the creatures are absolutely outstanding. Using stop motion animation Merian C. Cooper was able to create a world that wasn’t only intense and frightening, but miraculous as well. “King Kong” was used as a miniature and as a giant for some scenes. “King Kong” is one of those movies you can watch and just enjoy the technical advancements that were put in to create the film. But this isn’t just a typical horror movie; it’s a romance as well.

     “King Kong” eventually falls for Ann and when she is taken from him, he’ll do anything to get her back. Even if it takes going to New York City. The effects portrayed in the scenes of New York are very well done just like the island scenes. Sure all the scenes with the dinosaurs and creatures are great but when Kong is loose in New York, to see a creature do whatever it takes to find his girl, it’s awesome. At points in New York, Kong is grabbing any blond girl he can get his hands on. He’s in a new environment looking for his love. That’s got to drive him insane.

     But what is it that makes this film so great? Is it the story, the effects or the cast? Honestly I love “King Kong” for something more. At the time of its release gorillas were just discovered and “King Kong” made this new creature seam like it didn’t belong. A monster in our eyes that’s taken from his homeland and is brought into our society to be examined.  “King Kong” is a film that also deals with us humans as well. We feel like monsters sometimes when we enter a new place. We’re judged because we come from another town but that’s what makes us human. “King Kong” may have been about a giant monster for some people but I believe that “King Kong” is a film about an outcast that can not only love someone different than him, but will do everything to prove to his love that the outside isn’t what matters.

KING KONG: Not Rated. Genre: Horror. Director: Merian C. Cooper. Stars: Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong. Year: 1933.