Pro Wrestling Week in Review: Extreme Rules

Colden Fell

Last night, the WWE got extreme when they hosted Extreme Rules in the Izod Center in New Jersey.

The night started with Cesaro, Jack Swagger and Rob Van Dam battling in a triple-threat elimination match. This match wasn't that great--even though a trash can was introduced.

Swagger was the first to be eliminated when RVD hit his signature Five Star Frogsplash.

RVD didn't stay on top for long as Cesaro hit The Neutralizer on a trash can to get the pinfall victory.

The next minor match was a two-on-one handicap match pinning Alexander Rusev against R-Truth and Xavier Woods. Rusev made quick work of Woods and was able to make Truth tap out with the Camal Clutch.

With the bogus matches out of the way, it was time for Big E to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Bad News Barrett.

This match was very physical with Barrett trying all of his signature moves, but he still couldn't get the fighting champion to stay down.

It was then that Barrett was able to hit the Bull Hammer Elbow to win the bout and become the Intercontinental champion for the fourth time.

Next, it was time for the three main events. It started with The Shield taking on Evolution.

These six men went everywhere with Randy Orton, Triple H, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose taking the fight into the crowd. Rollins even jumped from one of the balconies onto the other three men. It was awesome.

This left Roman Reigns to pick up the pieces as he speared Batista to win the match for The Shield.

Next was the steel cage match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

With Cena sensing this was his last chance to stop Wyatt's mind games, he pulled out all the stops. He even took Luke Harper into the cage with him.

But this took its tole on the "Cenation" leader as Wyatt played one more game with John using a child. The young one sang "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands."

This distraction allowed Bray to escape the cage and win the match.

The Divas Championship match was nothing special, so I'll just say that Paige retained her title. Tamina Snuka was forced to tap out--giving way to the main event.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Daniel Bryan and Kane was an extreme rules bout.

These men went all over the arena--battling outside the ring, in the backstage area and even in the parking lot.

Bryan was able to knock out Kane with a tire iron and then use the parking lot to his advantage as he put Kane on a forklift and drove him back to the ring.

Once "The Demon" was back in the ring, Bryan did a diving head-butt from the top of the forklift.

This didn't stop Kane. He recovered and choke-slammed Bryan through the announcer's table.

Kane even set a table on fire--which hadn't been seen in the WWE since 2006. However, it backfired on the "Big Red Monster." Bryan blocked Kane and pushed him off of the ring apron and through the flaming table.

Bryan won the match with a Running Knee that was followed with a pinfall victory to retain his title.

So, what's in store for Raw tonight? What'll be Evolution's next move to destroy The Shield?

Can Cena somehow end Wyatt's sick message, or has Bray completely taken over?

And what will Kane do in order to eviscerate Bryan and become the new champion? The WWE universe will be watching.