The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Colden Fell

     This Friday “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” hits theatres and with only one more film left to review. Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” is another origin story of the web-swinging hero as he attempts to save Ney York from The Lizard. Now is this origin story better than when Sam Raimi put it out only 10 years prior? Let’s find out.

     I’ll start with the cast. Andrew Garfield who as Spider-Man I feel does a good job plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He cracks jokes that are off the web and when things get tough with New York’s finest hunting him down, he tries to save the city. As Peter Parker he was okay. He was smart in the film but that’s just because the script told him to. Peter is supposed to be a genius and Garfield plays that role well. When he’s not being the wisecracking hero or wiz kid, his performance is pretty bland. When he attempts to ask Emma Stone’s character Gwen Stacy out, he mumbles as if he where Shia LaBeaufe in “Transformers.” Emma Stone does great as Gwen Stacy. She’s likable and attractive. As for The Lizard, he’s just a typical villain. He has a plan to help mankind; it backfires and turns him into a monster. The Lizard had terrible Computer animation that I couldn’t take seriously.

This brings me to Spider-Man’s suit. In the previous films it looked like Peter made it with a sewing machine and was convincing as a costume. As for the new suit I don’t have a problem with. However, for most of the film he’s fighting without his mask. He wears it in areas where people aren’t around like the sewer but in plain sight, no mask. That’s my main problem with the suit. He made the mask to where the mask not to toss it aside. If he couldn’t see he should’ve gone and made the eyeholes bigger.

     I will say the action scenes where once again very well executed. Great stunts with great shots of Spider-Man flying through the city. Is it more convincing than the previous films? No. The action is definitely crisper but that doesn’t make them lifelike.  It’s a computer generated action scene nothing more, but they are well done.

     This film is fine. I guess if you plan on seeing “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” I’d see it but it just isn’t a good film. This makes me a little worried about the new film but I just hope I get a fun action film with a good story and acting. As for the typical moviegoer “The Amazing Spider-Man” is thumbs down.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Rated PG-13. Stars: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone. Director: Marc Webb. Genre: Action. Year: 2012.