Rise Above It


Despite every obstacle, despite your shortcomings, in spite of every barrier you think stands in your way; loose it and know God is King. Think of this. Sixty-seven years ago, a young black man named Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball's COLOR BARRIER! With Easter just a couple of days away, we can’t forget we serve an awesome God who can bring the best in all things. Look at what he's done in the Bible, look at the miracle he performed 67 years ago for Jackie, and look at me now.

This time of year is so fitting as it coincides with what Jesus did back on Calvary and we call this season Spring. How appropriate right?

We all should break out of those shells and shackles that weighed us down through the hard cold winter we went through and Spring Up. Get past all of the hating we know to expect and just rejoice and be glad in it that Jesus is Lord and like he did, we shall Rise Above It.

Look at Jackie Robinson, completely disrespected, disregarded and put down at the fact that he was a black man looking to play professionally in a “white man’s sport.” He sacrificed his life for all people, not just the athletes who came after him, so that we all could share the same playing field. Does that story sound familiar?

There was this man named Jesus who came not for himself but to free you and me of all sin. He sacrificed his life for the victory and the success of us. And what is sweet about both Jackie and Jesus, they overcame.

Today, we all are able to work in liberty, live in liberty and praise in liberty. Many of us forget how fortunate we all are to be in our positions. We share an equal playing field, an equal workforce and have the same opportunities for an equal lifestyle.

I come across many who oppose me and the position I serve. I’m ridiculed that I’m young, black and intelligent. I’m ridiculed that I’m in over my head and don’t really know what I’m doing in the media business. However, just like those who spit in the face of my Christ, they’re wrong. I’m placed in this position for a purpose off of the promise in which I believe. I rise above the hatred. I rise above the deceit. Their opinions bother me not as I continue my journey for success. My success isn’t valued by how many friends or foes I make, it’s measured in my willingness, effort, and ability to simply do the right thing. Something many terribly struggle with.

Easter is Sunday and I plan to rise atop a mountain, just as Christ did.