The Golden Rule


Do unto others and you’d have them do unto you has been proven true. I met a young lady named Alma Dennis last week who is set to celebrate 100 years of life this weekend. You know what she attributes reaching the milestone to? Having good character and treating people right. Eh simple enough for me.

It’s not always what we eat, or what we do physically that’ll add extra years. It is, however, always the energy we create towards others. Just be fair. In listening to a lady who lived through both World Wars, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement and many other key moments in American history, I couldn’t help but realize what matters in life.

When I look around at just watch the world turn so-to-speak I notice not many people take a moment to appreciate life. We are all caught up in trying to stay in the now, stay relevant and it hinders us from seeing the big picture sometimes.

We can’t forget the golden rule. In talking to Dennis, she believes God is rewarding her for being fair and righteous to all concerned. When I listened to her talk, I thought of things I’m doing right and wrong in my life that could keep me from seeing a 100-year birthday. What I am proud of is that I’m positioning myself on the right track.

I’m a member of a club that believes in a four-way test of the things we think, say or do. First we ask ourselves is it the truth? Secondly we ask is it fair to all concerned? Thirdly we ask will it build goodwill and better friendships and finally we ask will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Being part of organizations like that let’s me know I’m on the right track and am at least trying to do the things Dennis spoke about in my talk with her. Being successful at life is all about positioning ourselves. We have to apply certain concepts to achieve in all areas. It’s like this. If I want apples, I plant an apple tree. I want oranges, I drop seeds for an orange tree. I want to live 100-plus years, I plant the golden rule in my heart and see what I reap.