My Shout: For all the lost and lonely little ones

Charlotte Guedry
Charlotte Guedry is Editor of the Gonzales Weekly Citizen. She can be reached by emailing You can read more of her stories by following her on Twitter by going to @WeeklyCitizen.

Well, I did it. I swore up and down to my husband I wouldn’t, but I did it!

“Please,?Charlotte,” not another one,” he has said so many times before, but oh well, I went and did it anyway.

I adopted another dog!

Last week I was driving back from giving a talk at a Career Day event for an area school. My colleague Cheryl was with me, and we saw a little beagle on the side of the road. The poor thing was caked in mud, you could see the fleas on her, and her claws were like talons.

Needless to say, me being me, after a trip to the vet’s office, she is now happily curled up on our bed, surrounded by Rufus the dog and Stella the cat.

Sadie, as we have named her, is now very, very loved. And after what the vet can only think must have been a hard life for this sweet little girl, she doesn’t have to be worried or scared anymore.

Oh, and my husband Lee??Well, let’s just say he and Sadie are in love!

This situation had a positive outcome. An assumed unwanted dog was found. Said dog was taken to vet and attempts were made to find owner. Dog was not claimed.?Dog found new, loving home. Sounds pretty nice all around, right??Well, as happy as I am with this new situation, I also can’t stop feeling very angry.

What is wrong with people? My vet thinks that Sadie was mistreated. Mistreated??How can anyone do that to an animal?

The numbers of unwanted animals in this country are staggering. People pick up that cute puppy as the perfect pet, and once it grows into a dog, they can’t be bothered with it anymore. The kitten they bought for their kids is a perfect, adorable fluffball until it scratches the furniture. So what then? They turn it out. Again?I ask, what is wrong with people?

I absolutely love my animals. Stella the cat has been known to scratch where she shouldn’t, and I can’t begin to tell you the amount of cushions Rufus the dog has eaten. And although?Sadie is too scared and timid to do anything wrong at the moment, I’m sure the day will come when she, too, will destroy something I hold precious.

And do you know what??So what? My animals are my family.?They are living, breathing creatures who make my house a home. The enjoyment and love they bring into the hearts of my husband and I is immeasurable.

I have friends whose own children are worse behaved than my three pets put together.?They write on walls, make marks on floors, and ruin valuable trinkets and treasures. And guess what, these same friends understand that these things are done because they don’t know any better. They don’t shout at their children, or hit them, or frighten them. They love them regardless. If they were to use any type of force when dealing with their own little tearaways, authorities would be called, or better yet, those parents would be in jail for how they treated their children. And rightly so.

But why do some people still think that to treat an animal in that manner is somehow acceptable?

The way some people still treat animals is appalling. They are left out in storms. They are left alone when people go away on vacations. They are fed nothing but scraps and left to fend for themselves. It is still happening, everyday, in our community and around the globe. And I really am sick of it.

I can’t stop looking at little Sadie and imagining all she has been through. She is petrified to eat, grimacing as she is scared her food will be taken away at any moment. She clings to me when she hears a loud noise, inching closer and closer to me until she is almost hidden. Who does that to an animal??Who allows an animal to be in a situation that makes them so fearful.

I honestly hope that the perception some people have when it comes to animals will change one day, but unfortunately I don’t think it ever will. There will always be people that think animals deserve no kindness. They will see animals as not being important enough for compassion.

I hope I’m wrong, if not for my sake, at least the sake of all the lost, little Sadie’s still out there.

Charlotte Guedry is the Editor of the Gonzales Weekly Citizen.?You can reach her by emailing