Obama’s Utopian promises

Michael Tortorich
Michael Tortorich is a reporter for The Gonzales Weekly Citizen. He can be reached at reporter1 @

With all due respect to President Barack Obama, the ideas presented in his Wednesday night speech simply won’t work in the real world.

An alternate universe, maybe.

France, England, Canada and others, definitely haven’t made such ideas work.

The visions of the great utopian fantasy world he touted are only more false promises of things he, nor anyone else, can deliver.

It is easy to say that everyone should be entitled to free healthcare coverage. But as you and everyone else who wasn’t born yesterday know, nothing is free. Somebody has to pay.

Why stop at giving away healthcare coverage? Shouldn’t everything that is life-sustaining also flow freely through an entitlement program?

Along that same line of logic, we should all have food insurance. We need food to live. Shouldn’t the government step in and provide food coverage to all citizens?

Everyone who uses their personal funds to buy their meals are bearing a burden. When I pick up a sandwich for lunch, I plunk down my hard-earned $10 bill. Am I a fool for digging into my own pocket? Can’t someone else pick up the tab?

There lies the problem. Who is the “someone else” who has to pony up the dough?

“Someone else” is the taxpayers.

More and higher taxes only burden the workforce.

Most agree that the healthcare system has room for improvement, but the ideas Obama has put forth will only cripple it.

He mentioned in his speech that the United States is the only developed country to lack universal healthcare coverage.

First of all, since when does the United States try to emulate what other countries are doing? This didn’t become the greatest country on earth that way.

The United States leads the world in advancing healthcare. We are typically the ones who develop new procedures and pharmaceuticals.

The private sector invests heavily into healthcare, and as a result, it saves lives.

Profit drives innovation. Some may think it’s sad, but it’s true.

The default human condition is poverty. Only through capitalism can we mere mortals pull ourselves up and into wealth.

The best thing the government can do is to get out of the way. The further it gets from healthcare, the better the system will be.

Obama is not talking about real reform solutions. He’s not talking about the heavy regulations that drive up healthcare costs.

The real problem with health insurance is the high cost. It would be much more affordable if there weren’t so many controls, like limits on the companies allowed to do business from state to state.

“We can do better, with a targeted approach that tackles the biggest problems,” Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany, a former heart surgeon, said in the Republican response to the speech Wednesday.

As U.S. Sen. David Vitter said, “it’s obvious the president hasn’t been listening to the American people.”

Obama’s plan will not reform the system, it will only compound many of the problems we already have.

It’s time to go back to the drawing board.