Football is like life

Michael Tortorich
Michael Tortorich is a reporter for The Gonzales Weekly Citizen. He can be reached at reporter1 @

“Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.”

– Legendary coach Vince Lombardi

Can you smell that? Football is in the air.

Players across the country are snapping on their helmets and lacing up their cleats.

The smell of the freshly cut gridiron grass beckons even the most casual enthusiast of the sport.

From the pee-wee leagues to the powder puffs to pumped up pros, football fever will be an epidemic again this fall.

Each year the new season dawns as the summer sun cools down and gives way to breezy Friday nights, sizzling Saturdays and super Sundays. Oh, and don’t forget the Monday morning quarterbacks.

The game cannot be held to just one day of the week. Somebody, somewhere is playing every day. And if they’re not in gameday jerseys, they’re sweating it out on the practice field.

Football is a game that’s loved throughout the country, and for a few glorious months each year we bask in its glow, from the backyards to the stadiums.

And though some players may be a little better than others, everyone that plays shares the same common bond to the game. Everyone has to start somewhere. Nobody makes it to the Super Bowl without putting in a lot of ground work.

Some may say it’s “just a game” but there is much that can be learned from it.

There is good reason why schools and universities traditionally have fielded football teams. There are many lessons that can be learned through athletic participation.

A rough and tumble sport, nothing comes easy in football.

The team with the ball wants to move down the field in the hopes of reaching end zone – or at least kicking a field goal. Only problem is the defense wants to suppress any advancement, and hopefully get the ball for its side or score off of a turnover.

Football is a game of opportunities. Perhaps that’s why it’s so endearing to Americans.

Sure, the biggest, strongest and fastest have an advantage. But smart players and coaches can strategize to be successful despite shortcomings.

Sometimes David defeats Goliath.

Good players and coaches understand the importance of teamwork. They believe through working together, they can achieve far greater things than if they were to work alone.

And in their own way, the fans can sway the outcome of a game. There’s a reason why the home field is thought to have an advantage.

So this season, cheer loud and proud.

For participants and fans alike, remember to always be a good sport.

And enjoy it while it lasts.