Quality is beautiful

J Ryan Turk

Beauty is visceral. We see a person, a place, a thing and we intuitively know it is beautiful. In our bones, we know it. Our pulse quickens, all five senses amplify and alert, and we want to possess it in a way that is instinctual, animalistic. At this moment, our capacity to engage magnifies exponentially because we are PHYSICALLY STRONGER and UNAFRAID.

"Beauty awakens the soul to act."  Dante Alighieri

It does not matter what it is; whether a silk dress, a purple and gold sunset, a child sitting on the floor, a bouquet of spring flowers, an oil-on-canvas painting, a 1963 Ferrari GTO...if it is beautiful, we want it.

Quality is experiential. It is the amalgamation of craftsmanship, materials, and design that alters the trajectory of our life because it changes the paradigm for what is acceptable. We experience something that is fundamentally more satisfying, aesthetically and functionally more distinct, and we want it. It is driving a Mercedes S Class and discerning the comfort and performance differences; sitting on a Taylor King upholstered sofa and realizing how perfectly it contours to one's body; feeling the embroidered weave, texture, and weight of a Stroheim fabric against one's skin.

To appreciate quality is to go deep—to plunge below the superficial level of appearance into the DNA of its essential being—to expose its frame, to examine its marrow, to decipher its code, to reveal its true nature.

Quality begins at the core and extends to the surface where it shows itself consistently over time because it is eternally faithful unto itself. It never disappoints.

Quality is also beautiful, JUST LIKE YOU, so it is always worthy of love, adoration, and appreciation.

There was a time when it was a touchstone for our lives. We demanded it in people, from our institutions, and in our purchases — not today. Culturally, we've abandoned it. We want price and convenience. Fixating on immediate gratification leaves little room for quality in our lives because quality takes time.

But, it is always worth the wait.