On the lighter side

Joe Guilbeau, Humorist

The astronauts landed on Tranquility Base on the moon at 4:17:41 eastern daylight time on July 20, 1969. Many of us remember where we were when we heard the news. Marking, maybe the most historical event of the twentieth century.

One of their assignments was to collect and bring back soil samples from the moon. The astronauts studied the depressions made by their foot pads. They practiced running and walking, and collected data.

Armstrong picked up bout 50 pounds of rock and soil samples which were first put into sealed bags. Then aluminum boxes. Later, a NASA official said that they were worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox.

Soon afterwards, the astronauts returned. Scientists from several large universities: Mit, Harvard, the University of Chicago, and others requested moon samples for their own scientific study. Later on, a science professor from a Cajun university in Southwest Louisiana found out about it and requested samples.

Unfortunately, Houston had run out of samples. But Texas is widely known for its cattle industry. So a NASA employee was sent out into a pasture to collect a box of cow manure, assuming the Cajun professor was not very smart. They sent this box of manure to him.

Later on those institution scientists were called back to Houston to share their scientific studies. As soon as the meeting was called to order, the Cajun professor stood up and said "listen up, you all, we have found conclusive evidence that a cow did jump over the moon."

The Louisiana department of Agriculture and Forestry on Friday premiered a music video called "Take Your Pets With You" in conjunction with the start of the hurricane season.

It reminded me of this story. The prize of this large zoo was a large battering ram. But early one morning, employees discovered he had run full speed into a large brick wall, killing himself.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the music machine that played music for the animals malfunctioned. It had played all night, "There Will Never Be Another Ewe."