Letter to the editor: Recognition

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

**Editor's note, this is originally a handwritten letter mailed to The Chief office months ago that accidentally got lost in the shuffle. I came across it this week and had to publish it. -GF

Just a note about a retired teacher who has done and is doing fantastic work in the community. He is a master woodworker, master woodturner, and a K.C. member doing volunteer work for the church. He still teaches fellow woodworkers from other parishes his vast experience. He has created many pieces such as unusual bowls from exotic woods.

He's the only person that can and does furniture restoration in this area. He is a friend to everyone, and I feel he deserves to be recognized in some way. His name is Malcolm Munson, or as he is known as "Skipper."

He lives on the West, but his shop is on the East. He has one in Napoleonville. He has donated over 3,000 pens to armed forces: "Freedom Pens."

One of his friends,