Letter to the editor: variances

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Something needs to be done about a VOLUNTEER group being able to decide on variances in Ascension Parish. There is a law in the books, that states more than 2 Mobile Homes are not allowed on 1 acre of land, also states that if it brings down property values that it is not allowed. Well on the 23rd of October this volunteer board voted to vote down this law and allow a third Mobile Home on the property, even after everyone but 3 homeowners signed a petition to not allow this to happen. Maybe if we had a panel that went out and looked at these variances in person and do their job, and see 40 to 50 cats lying around, we wouldn't have the problems with blocked ditches, flooding in areas that never flooded before. It's time we do away with the good ole boy's group and get people in the right positions to represent the majority of the people. Also they shouldn't let people come up and speak about the situation that don't live in the neighborhood, just because they are a friend of a friend.

Lavell Childress


Gonzales, La.