Letter to the editor: Climate Change

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Dear Editor,

Is climate change keeping you up at night?

Maybe you’re losing sleep worrying that greenhouse-gas emissions will continue to increase? Or perhaps it’s simply too warm for you to rest comfortably? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this summer’s average nighttime temperatures were the hottest on record.

People tend to have trouble sleeping when the temperatures soar. Scientists predict that by 2050, rising temperatures will cause around six more nights of insufficient sleep per 100 individuals—and that doesn’t include sleep lost worrying about a new boss or a fight with a friend. Cranking up the air conditioning may not even help, as that could keep you awake fretting about the electric bill.

But don’t sweat it. Just chill out and go vegan. Researchshows that vegans are responsible for about two-and-a-half times fewer dietary greenhouse-gas emissions per day than meat-eaters. And each vegan saves nearly 200 animals every year. You’ll likely sleep better because you’ll have a clear conscience and know that you’re helping to halt climate change. See www.PETA.org for more information and a free vegan starter kit.


Heather Moore

PETA Foundation

501 Front St.

Norfolk, VA 23510