Letter to the editor: Title II regulations

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Senate Democrats' recent effort to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to restore Title II regulations to internet service providers poses a serious threat to the future of the internet. If successful, their actions to reinstate burdensome, Obama-era regulations could prevent upstart companies from ever taking off and hinder the expansion of broadband networks, two factors critical to the American economy.

The Obama FCC radically altered the regulation of internet service when it shoehorned it under Title II in 2015. The internet grew and thrived from its inception through 2015 without the burden of heavy handed Title II regulation designed for early 20th century telecommunication. Repealing these regulations in December was a necessary step towards increasing investment in broadband to strengthen and build out America's broadband infrastructure. This investment is critical for all communities, but it is particularly important in rural parts of the country.

Competition and free markets created the incredible force that is the modern internet. Using the CRA to stifle that innovation fails the America of the future. If we truly want to foster the kinds of innovations that deliver products and services consumers love, Congress needs to pass legislation that protects net neutrality while keeping the government out of the way of a thriving Internet. The internet is too important to be left to the whims of the regulatory state.

Rick Bond

Small Business Owner

Baton Rouge, La.