Tempers rise as temperatures drop

Halen Doughty

The weather outside is frightful! This week temperatures dipped down into the low 20s across Ascension Parish, and I, for one, have had just about enough of it to last the rest of the new year. I'm sick of the cold already, and I am not too happy about this bout of winter weather.

As a Louisiana native, I wonder how northern states survive freezing temperatures for months on end. I couldn't do it. I am simply not built for this kind of weather. Living in the Bayou State, I don't think anyone is ever fully prepared for temperatures to drop below freezing. I certainly wasn't.

No amount of layers is enough for southern cold. What I mean by that is the sticky, wet, humid kind of cold we get here in the South. Not the nice, dry cold northern inland states see. This wet cold is impossible to shake, even after going inside. It gets into your clothes, your skin, your hair and follows you around long after retreating inside.

Someone needs to tell this weather to go home because it is clearly drunk. I don't know what wrong turn this front took to wind up here, but it can go right back to where it came from as far as I'm concerned. Cold temperatures like these do not belong in Louisiana. Take them back up north where people are more prepared to handle the arctic conditions.

The only way to spend cold days like these is in bed under every blanket in the house with the thermostat cranked all the way up, and bonus points if you grab snacks and books for the brief hibernation. A Netflix subscription is another must have for those not brave enough to leave the house.

For those of us who are forced out into the cold by work, it doesn't look good. Just running out to the car in the morning is enough to make me want to turn right back around. My heart goes out to those blue-collar workers stuck outside in it all day. You guys are the real MVP.

As for me, I'll be spending as much time indoors as possible until the weather gets back up to a respectable temperature. Stay warm, friends.

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