OpEd: Prayer for Scalise from Rummel community

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Upon reviewing the tapes from local politicians' reaction to the Scalise shooting, it dawned on me that I'm writing this the day after Father's Day.

Probably my biggest reaction to the assassination attempt on U.S. Majority Whip Steve Scalise and other congressional leaders on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 was "Oh my God, there were children out there!"

I'd actually taken a personal day that day. Told myself I wasn't going to look at the news or answer my phone. But the news is like the Post Office. It doesn't stop. And that obviously didn't work. As soon as my phone alert dinged, and I read the headline I had to turn on the TV.

I wasn't frightened exactly. Instead, I was full of concern and grief. I prayed for Steve Scalise and his family and everyone else out there affected by those events that day. After all, Scalise went to my high school, Archbishop Rummel in Metairie. And he went to my college, LSU.

While Scalise is said to be getting better, I could only imagine his pain today. A doctor told reporters that the bullet from the rifle hit him in the hip, but did not exit. Rather it curved around, fracturing bone and nicking vital parts.

I wonder if my worldview would be different if my dad was shot while we were out at the ballpark when I was a boy. I'm guessing probably so.

Who am I kidding? Those kids are going to remember that forever.

All in all, the shooting injured five people but was not fatal to anyone but the shooter. That shooter was named James Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois.

As soon as the media released his name I searched for him on Facebook. He wasn't tough to find. The nasty comments on his posts were just starting to flood in. Before I read some of that, I noticed his anti-Trump, alt-left news postings and his pro-Bernie memes.

I was somewhat relieved to see Bernie Sanders addressing Congress to denounce Hodgkinson's horrible actions. I actually turned off the TV once I saw that. I guess it settled me down.

In case anyone is wondering I take a balanced approach to politics. After all, Republican and Democrat identification is really just people trying to influence a broad number of people they don't know through symbols that even tend to dissolve in lower-level politics.

On behalf of the Rummel Raider community, Ascension Parish and beyond that the whole Louisiana community, we're praying for you, Scalise. We need you in Washington D.C. to give our state the voice it deserves.

We're also praying for the restoration of sanity in America.