Give a rose while the loved one is still here


It’s always best to give the ones you love their roses while they are still here with you to smell them and enjoy them. In this technology-based, fast paced world we’ve become accustomed to we’ve gotten all too comfortable with passing on celebrating, thanking and even enjoying the one’s who matter to us. But oddly, when we lose them we’re stricken with grief and regret to bear.

This past weekend I spent it grieving with my fiancé and her family as her grandmother passed away. One thing that really caught my eye through the tears were the joy my fiance’s dad found in the hard time. I thought about how I would feel if I lost my mother and couldn’t comprehend the peace he showed.

Then I finally got a chance to have a one-on-one talk to him and he explained to me that he was always there for his mother. He explained there was nothing his mother asked him to do and he didn’t do it. He said, “ I took care of my momma.”

Then he said “and now I feel lucky and blessed that God chose my momma to be the next person he takes care of in heaven for eternity.” He explained to me the hurt he feels doesn’t just come because he’s lost his mom, but because he lost someone he truly loved. “I’m just going to miss her love being here with me,” he said.

I looked at him and didn’t say a word. I only thought, “yea that’s how I want to feel when the time comes for me to lose a loved one.”

And now as Valentine’s Day nears, the day where flower shops meet their annual quotas, do yourself a favor and give your loved one the roses while they are still here.

It shouldn’t be about waiting until something happen that you have to feel bad later on for putting them off, do it now. It’s never a bad time to say, “I love you.” It’s never a bad time to see, “thank you.” But there is never a right time to say goodbye.