Dear Editor

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

As an educator, I am very concerned about the Common Core program that is being forced into our public school system.  Parents really do need to go to the schools and talk with the teachers and administrators to get an indepth view of what this program entails.  I think parents would be appalled if they knew what so-called “educators” are trying to force upon our school children. It appears that greed of money has a lot to do with this program and they are using our precious school children as “guinea pigs”.  Adoph Hitler of Germany knew that he could get control of the people by controlling the schools education program.  This is just another way that our so-called government officials are trying to gain control of the people.  Parents need to read the textbooks and any other materials being sent home with the children.  They would be amazed at how much these books have changed since the early days of education.  I compare it to the education that I received during 1950’s and we had a wonderful curriculum and were taught well.  Now, the textbook companies are all about money and have removed many truths from the books as well as added personal beliefs to the material.  What gives an educator with a PHd the right to decide what material children should learn.  He/she are just people and not gods!!!  The fact that this Common Core is being pushed so hard and “fast and furious” worries me as does the fact that our wonderful governor Jindal is opposed to this program.  I support our governor in every facet of his directions and we are to be so proud that have him as our governor.  Please stand behind him and let him know that you support him in his opposition to Common Core.  We just cannot stand by idly and allow this evil program to continue.  We must stand up to those who are pushing this and let them know that we do not want this program in our state.  Chaz Rhomer and John White are two men who are really pushing this program against the better judgment of our governor. Please let these two men know that you do not want this Common Core in our education system.