Bad to the Bone: Mr. Peabody & Sherman Review

Colden Fell

     “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” is a film by Dreamworks about a dog and his boy. Yes, a dog adopts a boy. Anyway, the dog’s name is Mr. Peabody, the smartest dog in the world who has created a time machine called the ‘Way Back’ to teach Sherman history. Things are all going well when until Sherman shows a classmate the ‘Way Back’. This causes them and Mr. Peabody to go on an adventure through time and “excitement” begins.

     Now let me get something clear, I wasn’t too fond of the film. I thought the film’s jokes didn’t really work all that well and I only laughed a few times. One part in paritcular when they go to the Trogin War and they make fun of “300.” Other than that scene, the film’s jokes did not have an affect on me - meaning I didn’t laugh as much as I wanted to. Now just because the jokes are bad, does that mean that I didn’t like anything in this film? No. I think the animation is very good.

     Animation has come along way. From hand drawn animation with the classic Disney films to computer animation. I think the animation in this film is very well done. It’s real bright and colorful, which you would expect with a type of film like this. Dreamworks animated films in the past, I think, focused on making the animation look real. In “Shrek,” they made the background look real with trees that looked real. Now it seems that they’re focused on how bright their films are. Though very nice to look at, it just seemed like another animated film. This is the typical Dreamworks, the animation company that basically declared war on Disney. Over the years I think Disney hasn’t put out that many good films lately and Dreamworks is just trying to do whatever they can to be better than any other animated studio which I am all for. Now I guess I am torn on this subject. The animation is very bright but I wish it had a more realism to it.

     This brings me to the story. Though based on a comic strip, I think doing a film about a talking dog doesn’t really do it for Dreamworks. The story is written by Craig Wright who worked on the hit TV show “Lost” and directed by Rob Minkoff from “The Lion King.” I would think that with their great talent they could make a film fun an entertaining. But I was wrong.

     So to sum up what I’ve been saying, “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” is a film with dull comedy, a worn out story, and bright animation. I understand what they were trying to do but it just didn’t do it for me.  Thumbs Down.

MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN. Rated PG. Staring: Patrick Warurton. Director: Rob Minkoff. Genre: Family. Year: 2014.