Let’s all remember our volunteers

Charlotte Guedry

We should, all of us, be thankful everyday to live in Ascension  Parish.

Apart from the obvious food and weather treats, we all live in a parish that is decent and kind, particularly when it comes to our volunteers.

Recently the Volunteer Ascension organization held their annual awards ceremony.

The night was full of many residents of the parish who give freely of their time, solely for the benefit of the rest of us.

There were parents who give up their time to read to local school children.?There were family members who put their own needs aside when a fire threatens someone within our community. There were men and women who help to create loving and warm environments for those in need within our neck of the woods.

So many people were in one room, not expecting a huge production for all that they do.?They were simply happy to be able to do it.

Every day, many people, both young and old,  black and white, give of themselves. They give their time, their skills, their wisdom and their compassion.

We have a number of people within our local communities who are people we should all strive to become.

Giving up time is hard. Time is, as they say, precious.

It’s difficult to tell our family members that we can’t always be there for them because someone else may need us. It’s hard to make our loved ones sometimes understand that the needs of others must come before their own.

So, to these strong and great men and women, we say thank you.

For all you do to make Ascension?Parish that little bit better, we thank you.

For ensuring that our communities are safe and looked after, we thank you.

It is these people who make us, all of us, happy and proud to call Ascension Parish our home.