LETTER: PEC leader wants Republican state committee changes

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

With the next Republican State Central Committee meeting around the corner, I think it is time the members begin looking to the future of the party. It has become obvious that the man at the helm has abandoned ship to play politician instead of party leader.

This may be Roger Villere's first bout in the political arena, but he's throwing haymakers like a seasoned vet. The worst of all may not be directly attributed to Mr. Villere, but his connection with the TEA Party of Louisiana speaks loudly. The robo calls sent out by Chris Comeaux on behalf of the TEA Party of Louisiana were tasteless accusations that didn't work in Mike Francis's bid for Secretary of State in 2006, and if anyone was disgusted by the call as I was, it won't work now.

If the RSCC members are paying attention, that's two chairmen who have tried to smear a good Republican statewide official's name and one that in my opinion has been an excellent ambassador of the state and an even better elected official.  Personal political ambitions shouldn't be mixed into a position which should promote party unity an support.

If the leaders of the Louisiana Republican Party have spent the last four years tearing down their own members, one has to wonder, who's uniting the party?

Rhett Bourgeois

Ascension Republican Parish Executive Committee

St. Amant