LETTER: Lack of playground concerns reader

Staff Report

I have a relative that just started school last week at Lakeside Primary in Galvez. Apparently, they have no playground and no set activities for the children during recess time. Kids are given sidewalk chalk and are not allowed to have balls etc.

I think this is an outrage that a primary school does not have a playground or set activities for these young children. Surely, this is asking for trouble.

With all the money that is taken in by taxes and adoptions by local chemical plants, I am totally shocked that this primary school was built without a playground. Why I am paying school board taxes?

I am also surprised that school activities are not planned and carried out during recess. If I were a parent with a child at Lakeside Primary I would be asking the school board about this issue.

Kids need to be able to play and burn off energy I do not think playing with sidewalk chalk is the answer. They need a playground and activities.

Lori DeLaune

St. Amant