LETTER: Reader has buyer remorse in Keystone of Galvez

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

We purchased a home on Keystone Blvd., in August 2009 under the assumption that the subdivision would be completed according to plans submitted to and approved by the proper Parish Government Committees.

This would mean our home would be surrounded by homes close to the same size and on comparable size lots, this would maintain our property value or increase the value as the economy recovers.

Then along came the Parish Commissioners meeting on May 6, 2010, with one vote this was all wiped out, those of us living on Keystone Blvd. will see our property values decrease due to this action, once again it was Ascension Parish Police Jury politics at its best, the meeting was a farce as all had been decided before the meeting, only two members listened to the residents here, not one Commissioner answered e-mails, we were ignored.

Thanks Commissioners for selling us out, we are not huge in numbers but we do vote.

Warren Wheeler

Keystone of Galvez