Obituary: Gerard “G.P.” Babin

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

"I have fought the good and honorable fight. I have finished the race, I have kept the faith… and not only to me, but also those who longed for this appearing." II Timothy 4: 7-8. Gerard "G. P." Babin departed this world and entered the Kingdom of God at 1:50 p.m. Friday, August 11, 2017 at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center; surrounded by his loving family. He was 83 years of age, a native and resident of Gonzales. Visitation will begin 9 a.m. Monday, at St. Mark Catholic Church, 42021 Hwy 621, Gonzales, until Mass at 11 a.m., officiated by the Rev. Ruben Reynolds, assisted by Deacon Sammy Chestovich. Interment will follow at Hope Haven Garden of Memory Mausoleum, 604 E LA 30, Gonzales. He is survived by his loving wife of 64 years, Gladys "Peanie" Babin; six daughters and 1 son: Susie & Shelby Wheat, Sharon & Dean Bourque, Vicki Garcich, the late Nancy and her husband Johnny Rowell, Rick & Linda Babin, Janet & David Delaneuville, Lisa & Lance Troxclair; he was blessed to be survived by 17 grandchildren: Reggie, Corey, Kelly, Erica, Jody, Brady, Kimbo, Brad, Jamie, Chris, Dallas, Randall, Aidan, Justin, Dane, Lindsey and

Lauren and 25 great-grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his daughter Nancy Babin Rowell, parents and siblings. A special thanks to Ms Lisa Carter and Ms Celest Loupe for taking such good care of him. He lived his life to the fullest and loved his family dearly. Family was everything to him. In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to St Mark Catholic Church. Arrangements by Church Funeral Services.

Tribute To Grampy

Born on January 5, 1934,

He was the youngest of TEN.

Gerard “GP” Babin blessed us all,

Right until the very END.

It was said that as a child,

he bypassed work that was HARD.

Instead all he wanted to do,

Was play ball in the YARD.

Now, he was a pretty good athlete,

He was very slim and TRIM.

And if you didn’t believe it,

All you had to do was ask HIM.

During these high school days,

He met Peanie, the love of his LIFE.

He was the player, she the cheerleader,

Who later became his precious WIFE.

So it was now time to have some kids,

And yes, they would have quite a FEW.

Maybe a nice balance of boys and girls,

Ha! They really didn’t have a CLUE.

Susan Elizabeth was born the fall of ’54,

She was their first baby GIRL.

January of ’56 they welcomed another daughter,

Sharon Marie came into the WORLD.

After building a brand new home in ‘57,

Came their third girl, Vicki LYNN.

June of ’59 their fourth child was born,

Nancy Annette a baby girl AGAIN.

At this point, GP was wondering,

If he would ever have a boy to play BALL.

In ’61 his question was answered,

With the birth of a son, Richard PAUL.

Adding to their clan in ‘63,

Another blessing they called Janet RAY.

The youngest of the bunch arrived in ‘65,

A sixth little girl named Lisa KAY.

There wasn’t anything in this world,

That could keep the family APART.

Even when he was working,

He kept them all very close to his HEART.

Instead of tough times for the Babins,

It was a lot of love and AFFECTION.

This proud man would provide for his family,

And guide his kids in the right DIRECTION.

He went the extra mile for all of his family,

Always treasuring that OBLIGATION.

He even managed to take them all,

On a nice annual VACATION.

Evenings were loading the cookie truck,

And the regular chores were all DONE.

Now it was time to relax, but wait,

Phone rings … one of his cows was on the RUN.

So then it was off to watch a bunch of ball games,

And oh there were so very MANY.

In fact, Peanie said for every game they went to,

She wishes, that she had a PENNY.

So then his girls would all become brides,

And he now had son-in- laws to get in his WAY,

Clever man he was, he found a good use for them,

Having them pick up all his bails of HAY.

He loved the cattle business,

Something passed down from his DAD.

They would even name the cows,

After some of the grandchildren they HAD.

Once Peanie asked where was a certain calf,

That we named after our GRANDSON.

Then GP replied, with a bit of a chuckle,

Baby, that steak we just ate…that was the ONE”

The man was ninety miles an hour,

Always having lots of things to DO.

Feeding cows, picking pecans, cutting grass,

Then probably a ballgame or TWO.

From one end of the country to the other,

No game was ever a trip too FAR.

Although, he might miss a ballgame,

To help anyone that was buying a CAR.

He thoroughly enjoyed to negotiate,

And sure loved to “wheel and DEAL.”

Car salesmen knew when they saw Mr. Babin,

That he was gonna drive away with a STEAL.

Could be LSU Sports or playing cards,

Maybe even going to the top twenty-FOUR.

With all of the family and friends he had,

He couldn’t have enjoyed his life any MORE.

Tradition was him calling everyone,

With a unique “Happy Birthday” SONG,

To improve the quality of the sound,

Peanie would join in and sing ALONG.

As time went on, they moved to a new house,

That is located on Royal LANE.

They made that move with nothing to lose,

Instead, it was a lot more to GAIN.

He would then have a vision,

Some may even call it a DREAM.

With ten acres of nothing but woods,

A difficult task it may SEEM.

If there was a person that could make it happen,

No doubt, he would be the perfect ONE.

Grateful he led the way for this family compound

And we feel it’s a blessing, that’s second to NONE.

His heart was broken when he lost his Nanc,

And he was really put to the TEST.

He would get through this difficult time,

With lots of support from the absolute BEST.

With his dream all but complete,

He became ill, which slowed him quite a BIT.

It was something that would take most men down,

But our G battled and refused to QUIT.

Recent years saw time take its toll,

As lots of family stood by his SIDE.

Love went both ways so they didn’t mind,

And neither did his lovely BRIDE.

The best way to describe our precious GP,

Is happy, smiling and full of LOVE.

Now it’s time for him to join his loved ones,

Especially Nanc and the Good Lord ABOVE.