Around the world: Strange and Bizarre News

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles
The Sunshine Bridge, St. James/Donaldsonville

Everyday bizarre events occur around the world, so wacky that it almost sounds to strange to be true. Here are some recent events that caught my eye. Come back every week to read more strange news from around the world.

      A Pennsylvania man was arrested after he tried to sell drugs during a traffic court appearance for driving under suspension. Officials said that 35-year-old Christopher Durkin attempted to sell drugs to a man in a Pittsburg courtroom. Durkin was searched and was found with Suboxone in his possession. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver. 

     A car thief in California was accused of stealing another vehicle in order to make it to his court appearance. Timothy Frederick Knight, 53, stole a Honda Accord so that he could be on time to his hearing. “He obviously didn’t wanted to make sure he didn’t fail to appear,” said District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe to the San Mateo Daily Journal. Knight was arrested after his court appearance. He has seven prior felony convictions against him.

     A Pittsburg man jumped from the Antioch Bridge in California in order to evade police who were after him for being wanted on a felony assault. Twenty-nine year old Sunny Pal led police on a four-mile long chase along the bridge. He parked his vehicle in the middle of the bridge and jumped into the water. Pal was picked up by local fisherman and brought to the authorities.

     In 2012 a New Orleans man jumped off the 20-foot high Causeway Bridge in order to avoid a DUI test. Thomas Robert Harter was pulled over after authorities received a tip from another motorist that he was swerving and speeding. Harter was asked to take a sobriety test, in which he agreed, before unexpectedly leaping into the rough waters of Lake Pontchartrain. The southbound lane was closed for nearly two hours while rescuers searched for him. He was arrested for resisting arrest and careless driving as well as for a fugitive on warrants for a hit and run.