Former East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney Charged in Cyber-crimes Investigation

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

BATON ROUGE – Following a multi-agency investigation into alleged email tampering and cyber-crime activities, a former East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney has been charged in accordance with her role in the unauthorized use of parish attorney email accounts. The suspect, 49 year old Mary Roper of Baton Rouge, was issued a misdemeanor summons this afternoon after meeting with LSP investigators.

     The investigation began in Oct. 2014, when a complaint of suspicious email activity originating from the East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s Office was received by the Baton Rouge Police Department and network administrators. The complaint alleged that an unauthorized email was sent between illegally accessed email accounts belonging to several parish attorneys. As the investigation continued, Louisiana State Police Detectives along with cyber-analysts assigned to the Louisiana State Police Fusion Center assumed control of the investigation as an independent outside agency.

     Troopers discovered three email accounts belonging to attorneys for the East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s Office that were illegally accessed over forty times. Through investigative methods, Detectives determined the illegal access originated from a home IP address belonging to Roper. In addition, evidence obtained further indicated Roper’s use of her personally owned computer to illegally access the EBR Parish Attorney’s email system through a proxy service designed to mask the user’s actions and location.

     Based on the investigation and evidence, Roper was found to be in violation of one count each of Offenses against Intellectual Property, Computer Tampering, and Online Impersonation.