Republicans dominate in Ascension on Tuesday

Wade McIntyre

It was a Republican Party day in Ascension Parish Tuesday.

Jay Dardenne, David Vitter, Jeff Landry and Bill Cassidy all won their runoff elections convincingly in the local portion of the national mid-term election cycle.

Republican Dardenne bested Democrat Caroline Fayard in the statewide race for Lieutenant Governor with 57 percent, or 719,243 votes to 540,633 votes or 43 percent of the total.

Ascension Parish gave Dardenne 66 percent of the vote, or 20,875 votes to 34 percent and 19,229 for Fayard.

Republican Vitter won reelection and a second term as Louisiana’s junior U.S. Senator, thumping challenger Charlie Melancon, a Democrat, with 715,304 votes to 476,423. Voters in Ascension gave Vitter 61 percent of the vote to Melancon’s 33 percent, or 19,229 votes to 10,330.

Statewide, Landry, a Republican, had 64 percent of the vote to Democrat Sangisetty’s 36 percent, or 108,957 to 61,909 votes. Ascension voters gave Landry 61 percent, or 8,082 votes, to 39 percent or 5,093 for Sangisetty.

Republican Cassidy won with 66 percent of the vote across his district to 34 percent for Democrat Merritt E. McDonald, or 138,552 to 72,537 votes.  In Ascension, Cassidy pulled in 81 percent of the vote, or 14,471 votes, to 19 percent and 3,250 votes for McDonald.

Ascension voters adopted three parishwide millage renewals, two pertaining to the parish library, and one to support and maintain the parish mental health program.

The 2-mill mental health proposal passed with 63 percent, or 18,534 yes votes, and 37 percent or 10,840 no votes.

The 2.6 mill library proposal received 69 percent or 20,423 yes votes, and 31 percent, or 9,196 no votes.

The 4.2 mill library proposal received 67 percent, or 19,824 yes votes, and 33 percent, or 9,374 no votes.

All of the millages are ten-year renewals.

Voters across the state approved eight of the 10 amendments to the state constitution that were on Tuesday’s ballot.

Defeated was No. 4, which will now continue to allow a single five-year period in which homeowners displaced by a disaster can reoccupy their homes before losing their special assessment levels and homestead exemptions. The vote was 13,355 for and 15,547 against in Ascension Parish, while statewide the vote was 532,624 for and 580,767 against.

Amendment No. 7 also failed to pass, with 493,596 votes for and 603,860 against.

Ascension voters were 12,622 votes for and 15,785 votes against. The amendment would have changed the bidding rules for tax sale auctions and have allowed tax collectors to charge additional penalties for property tax non-payment.

Amendment No. 1, which requires that salary increases for statewide officials not take place until the beginning of their next term after the increase is approved, passed by the biggest margin of all amendments.

Statewide 845,915 voters were for the amendment, and 320,319 against. Ascension voters were 22,391 for and 12,378 against.