Ascension mother starts national pediatric foundation

Staff reports

With the signing of a proclamation by Gov. Bobby Jindal declaring April 2010 as "Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Month," a giant step in the effort to bring attention to the importance of routine blood pressure screening for children was attained, not only within the medical community but also among parents.

The National Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Ascension Parish that is working not only within the state of Louisiana, but also on a national level to make sure that all children receive regular blood pressure monitoring.

Ascension Parish resident Celeste Goodwin founded the NPBPAF after she and her husband, Billy, dealt with their son's experiences with undiagnosed hypertension.

Matthew Goodwin's personal battle with hypertension has been a catalyst to potentially save the lives of many other children across the country. This is an area of pediatric healthcare that is all too often being overlooked by the medical community, according to Celeste Goodwin

The goal of the NPBPAF is to have every health care facility that treats children to include blood pressure screens as part of their routine vitals.

“By having April 2010 dedicated as "Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Month" in Louisiana, we are one step closer to the long term goal of improved health care for all of our children and the potential to detect hypertension at it's earliest stages for those who suffer with this condition,” Goodwin said. “We are looking forward to some exciting community activities promoting "Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Month" including speaking to medical, civic and parenting groups, and schools."

If you are interested in having the NPBPAF meet with your group, or other community event, please contact us at 225-955-2770 or e-mail us at”

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