Gary Lacombe to begin campaign after recall petition signatures confirmed


Gonzales City Councilman Gary Lacombe said Tuesday he is set to begin his campaign to clear misconceptions and misunderstandings on what’s been going on at City Hall since he’s been elected. The move comes after a Tuesday morning report from Registrar of Voters Robert Poche the confirmed SaveGonzales recall petition signatures tallied to by 2,281 of the needed 2,145.

SaveGonzales submitted over 2,700 signatures a week ago, and chairman Chuck LeBlanc believed then there needed to be plenty room for error.

LeBlanc credits the citizens for this accomplishment.

“The people of Gonzales have done a great job getting this taken care of,” LeBlanc said, on Tuesday. “They are the ones responsible for this. They put their names on this petition to help save Gonzales.”

“The power of the people can put you in office, but the power of the people can also take you out of office,” LeBlanc said.

 Lacombe believes the signees were misinformed into signing.

 “One of the things people told me was that we were cutting the police department’s salary, which is not true at all. We have not done that,” Lacombe said. “They’ve also heard we didn’t fund the Project Kidz Kove, which we did fund that and as a matter of fact Mrs. Audrey Boudreaux, last night, confirmed when she was talking about the work this past weekend that we did fund the park. It’s just some misinformation out there and we’re going to try and set the record straight.”

Lacombe said he promised the people when he raised his hand and took oath of the office that “I would fulfill the duty of the council and I will continue to do that until I am no longer a councilman.”

Lacombe added, “I’m looking forward to the campaign and visiting the people.”

LeBlanc knows the race isn’t over. He said he and the committee are going to take a little break and rest a little and get back on it.

“We know we have a battle on our hands come Dec. 6 and we have to get the people out to the polls and vote,” LeBlanc said. “We’re going to work as hard from now until December as we did from April to this day right here. We made a pledge, we know what we want to do, and we will get it done.”

The recall petition against Lacombe will be forwarded to Louisiana’s Secretary of State and then to the governor. The governor then has 15 days to proclaim a recall election. The next regularly scheduled election date is December 6.