Gonzales mayor, council releases agenda for Sept. 8 meeting

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

1.         Call to Order. 

2.         Invocation.

3.         Pledge of Allegiance.

4.         Roll Call.

5.         Minutes of a Regular Council Meeting, held August 25, 2014.

6.         Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Zoning Commission, held September 2, 2014.

7.         Presentation of Guest:

(a)       Open for Citizens of Gonzales, present.

(b)      Open for all other guest present.

8.         Special Event Permit Request of Ms. Sherri Denig for use of Jambalaya Park Amphitheater for Family Movie Night fundraiser to benefit Volunteer Ascension. 

9.         Discussion of Robert P. Weber Annexation Petition.

10.       Discussion of a Resolution in support of Constitutional Amendment No. 3.

11.       Discussion to appoint an Attorney to represent the Civil Service Board in the matter of Davin Miller vs City of Gonzales Police Department and Gonzales Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board (Bearing Docket 110,666 “c” with the 23rd Judicial Court. 

12.       Final Vote on Ordinance # 3044:  An Ordinance Adopting the General Fund Budget for the Fiscal Year Beginning June 1, 2014, and ending May 31, 2015.

13.       Final Vote on Ordinance # 3045:  An Ordinance Adopting the Capital Outlay Budget for the Fiscal Year beginning June 1, 2014, and ending May 31, 2015.

14.       Discussion to Declare as Surplus the following:

     1-1998 Ransomes 728D Lawn Mower/ Non Running/Recreation Dept.

15.       Discussion of Change Order No. 2 for Emerson Parkway Roadway Improvements Project.

16.       Engineering Report/Public Works Director Report.

17.       Adjournment.